Our goal is to catalog every important detail about companies, their product range, inform potential buyers about product quality, provide a platform for product experience sharing and create a place on the internet where people could find the info they need in order to choose the right company or product. A part of our strategy is also to write industry news and interesting articles. We have started with the automotive industry as the current members have a big passion for this topic. This topic has been extended to tablets, mobile phones, beverages and video games. We are planning to establish those categories and regular visitor base before adding new ones (full website profile).

Basically the website project is now split into 4 phases:

  1. We are consolidating ideas for future development (almost done)
  2. We are looking for an IT specialist and a designer to help us with implementation of ideas (done)
  3. We want to build the most comprehensive database of companies  and their products (in process and will take a lot of time and effort)
  4. We want to write news and hire some freelancers or find people willing to join the team to do so (in process)

To read more about the current development status, please visit our Portal news category.

Project brands

The project is now split into two separate domains:

Car Priest_rgbFirm-Guide logo

Investor relations

We are also looking for investors. Currently we are not able to feed the growth of the website internally and would like to offer an opportunity for external investor to join our success. If you are interested, please use the contact form to initiate conversation.


We are currently hosting this website on Inmotionhosting.com servers (web hosting that doesn’t suck)

Please read the Terms of use of this website. In case of any question, do not hesitate to contact us.