2013’s Best Electric Car Reviews


Fuel economy is a serious issue embraced by car manufacturers around the world, and EVs and hybrid cars are still considered very appealing. Hybrids are a great solution for minimizing the effect that a conventional gas engine can have on the environment. Besides, electric vehicles eliminate the need of using gasoline. When it comes to pricing, smart shoppers should take into account not only their affordability and practical range, but also their pure fuel-efficiency.

Hybrid cars under $40,000

Until now, the queen of this category has definitely been Toyota Prius. However, Ford’s 2013 Fusion Hybrid seems to be gaining increasingly more popularity as well. This hybrid car is actually the redesigned version of the Fusion Hybrid, being sportier, more upscale-looking and larger. Its cabin is surprisingly well-furnished, while the abundance of high-tech features is definitely a plus. Last but not least, this car has been featured with a brand-new engine, which is way smaller than that included in the previous version, combining the electric-drive system in a greater way so that it can deliver not only more power, but also an improved fuel economy.

Toyota Prius

As mentioned above, Toyota Prius is still the queen of hybrid cars, and its less-expensive and smaller version named Toyota Prius C is definitely the best second choice you can make.  This hybrid car looks sportier than its previous version, while the downsize propulsion system will make you forget about problems such as sluggish acceleration. According to EPA, Toyota Prius C comes with a 50 mpg fuel economy. Even though the ride offered by this car can be harsh and its interior is over abounded with hard plastics, this Prius version is definitely a winner thanks to amazing issues such as safety equipment and budget-friendly pricing.

Another interesting hybrid car whose price is under $40,000 is the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid. This vehicle is extremely well-built, being definitely a good choice. Ford C-Max Hybrid is spacious even though its cargo space is not very appreciated, and features the famous infotainment system called MyFord Touch. However, the shortcomings that this car might feature are forgotten once you notice its gas-electric drive system which is known for being the strongest of its class. Besides, this car comes with 47 mpg fuel economy on both the highway and the city, and can be loaded with a wide range of features depending on your requirements.

Electric vehicles that cost under $40,000

In this category the winner is definitely Chevrolet Volt, a perfect choice for drivers who are not fond of. The all-electric range of this vehicle is 40 miles, and when the distance is exceeded, the four-cylinder gas engine is fired up. The Volt is very silent on the all-electric mode, and its interior will definitely charm you with its video screen provided with high-tech graphics and gauge cluster. However, the disadvantage of this electric car is its high price tag, its seating designed only for four people and small trunk.

Chevrolet Volt

Nissan Leaf is also a very affordable all-electric vehicle that promises to run 92 miles on the highway and 106 miles in the city, even though EPA tests have shown that its real-world range is somewhere around 73 miles, depending on driving style and conditions. This car is a hatchback that can carry five passengers, and is very appreciated for its quietness. Since public charging stations can be very slow sometimes, you are advised to charge the car at home, at 240 volts if possible. Nissan Leaf‘s lease payments are very affordable, and the difference of cost between electricity and gas will definitely attract you.

  • Ford C-max Energi

Another electric car that’s pretty efficient is Ford’s C-max Energi, which is the first electric hybrid wagon created by Ford. It can run up to 500 miles once charged, and its amazing lithium-ion battery can be recharged using an ordinary 120-volt electric outlet. The price Ford C-Max Energi is $32,950, but its high roof designs and spacious interior are definitely worth it.

Hybrids/Electric Vehicles whose prices exceed $40,000

Since price is no longer a problem in this category, the first choice is definitely the 2013 Tesla Model S EV. Provided with an elegant aluminum body and a luxurious interior, the strong battery-electric system of this vehicle is the best available on the market. The only disadvantage is that its range is limited just like that of any other battery-electric car. However, the distance that you can travel is still pretty impressive, and the second version of the battery allows you to extend the range with almost 100 miles.

Tesla Model S EV

On second place we have the 2013 Infiniti M35H, a luxurious sedan that looks as a serious road racer. Even though this car doesn’t come with fuel efficiency like that of a Prius, Infiniti is a good choice due to its impressive engine: a 3.5-liter V6. When powered by the electric system, this engine can reach 60 mph in only 5.2 seconds, featuring a 360 horsepower. Just like the inaugural model revealed in 2012, this brand-new M35H delivers only 29 mpg combined. Its interior is very spacious, and the options featured are good enough to compete with its competitors.

Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid was not mentioned thus far, but it definitely deserves to be on the list 2013’s best hybrid cars. Provided with a peerless interior design, a wide range of technology and safety features, as well as with an elegant sedan body, this car doesn’t even seem to be a hybrid at first sight. It has the ability to deliver 21 mpg combined, which is 11% better than the previous S-Class model. Although Mercedes-Benz S350 Bluetec is more efficient when it comes to fuel economy, most consumers choose the hybrid version because it offers a quiet drive and because gasoline is more available than diesel.

S350 Bluetec

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular, and although not everybody can afford to buy one, their technology will definitely be seen as something normal in a few years.

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