Render: 2016 BMW X2


Some of you probably already know that according to German magazines and sources closes to BMW, the company is looking to add an X2 model to the SAV family. The rumor mill churns that the F47 X2 is scheduled for market launch in 2016.

The German automaker has reportedly trademarked a number of new vehicle names, including 2 Series, X2, M7 and M10 among others. Of course, just because a manufacturer lays claim to a name doesn’t mean there’s a production model around the bend, but the monikers at least give us an idea of what’s being thrown around conference tables in Munich. While names like 2 Series, X2 and M7 are no real shock given the rumors we’ve heard as of late, it is interesting to ponder what an M10 might be.

BMW X2 concept

BMW X2 concept

BMW insiders say that Munich-based automaker sees X2 as a mix between the “X” and “Z” models, somewhat similar to the design ideas shown in the original XCoupe Concept, a three door model with modern and aggressive lines. Same reports say that the X2 is more of a coupe rather than a dynamic SAV.

The X2 is marketed as a competitor to the Range Rover Evoque and Porsche Cajun.

BMW is yet to confirm the X2 for production with development currently being focused on the larger X4 model.

The attached picture from Roger Lighterness is giving us a brief preview of the X2 and how its design might look like in future.