Car tech that is found craziest in 2013


The Consumer Electronics Show takes place annually in Las Vegas, and it displays some of the most impressive, and advanced gadgets on the market. Every year, the gizmos exhibited during the show amaze the worldwide media, and prove once again that the technological world is constantly developing. This year, the show was better than ever as there were presented some of the finest gadgets that will soon conquer the market.

The automotive software experts from QNX used a fine Bentley Continental convertible to present the corporation’s programming proficiency. They developed a unique custom infotainment system, which includes a huge screen in the center that can be configured to show diverse audio displays, a 3D navigation map, vehicle information, climate controls, and more.


Hyundai’s wild Blue yonder

You’ve probably heard or seen Hyundai’s Blue2 concept car, but for the CES, the company recreated the whole interior, in order to make it more futuristic than ever. It has a dazzling, curvy white dashboard, with mesmerizing blue accents, and it features outstanding technological innovations that will make you want all the cars of the future to look like this.

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Panasonic screen crazy

Every year, all sorts of impressive automotive interiors are presented at the CES; however, this 2013 Panasonic surprised everyone. The company featured three individual touch screens, plus one more touch screen that served as instrument panel, which looked incredibly futuristic, and it also included a steering wheel that looked like it had been taken from a plane.

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Mood music Gracenote style

Gracenote is a worldwide known company, which at the CES 2013 presented various ways to have easy access to music inside a vehicle, and they even included a special “mood grid” that matches the music style and tempo to your state of mind. Similarly, it can be used to create automatic playlists from your own library, and it includes countless other convenient functions.

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  • Delphi’s distracting dash display

At the CES convention, the famous automotive supplier, Delphi, presents a fascinating collection of displays and concept dashboards. Their latest device enables the driver to alter the display using an instrument panel, choose different colors, and even add a cool animated cartoon of the car. Likewise, when a call comes in, the caller’s photo will immediately appear on the instrument panel.

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Livio’s new-school FM

If we were to have a closer look at today’s car innovations, we could say that FM is rather old-fashioned; but let’s be fair and admit that it outlasted all other forms of mobile music, including cassettes, 8-tracks, and even the CDs. Maybe that’s why at every CES some companies promise to enhance FM, and make it more popular than ever. Well, this year Livio presented the so-called FM Connect, which permits broadcasters to create a two-way connection with diverse listeners, by using a Bluetooth smartphone. Also, Livio claims that all the benefits offered by the company will be soon available through its application, which will feature customized weather info, traffic data, coupons, social media updates, and advertising.

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Kicking golf cart

Most technologies exhibited at CES are presented in the North Hall, which is also known as The Boom Room. The incredible golf cart was discovered in the Kicker booth, and it is the perfect example of a shocking automobile. Although it is rather impossible to use such a vehicle on a daily basis, it surely is an effective way to draw attention if you like to be in the spotlight.

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  • Boss sounds

Providing that you already own an armored vehicle with complex audio equipment, what could you add to impress everyone at a CES convention? Well, the answer seems to be: your own DJ to make even more noise! The monstrosity from the Boos Audio booth could be heard from a few miles away!

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3-D high fidelity from Harman

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, audio products and three dimension visuals were extremely popular. Car supplier Harman came with its original 3D sound concept named QuantumLogic 3D. It can basically deliver 3D surround sound from any type of source such as CDs, MP3, iPods and so on.

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