The Lamborghini Urus: Finally a Good Looking SUV


The Porsche Cayenne seems to have cemented itself as the market mile stick for luxury SUV’s. However, it has never been accused as an attractive car with many in the automotive industry calling it ugly. In addition few other options in this niche can truly be referred to as attractive. Come 2016 though, the luxury SUV market is to include one of the most beautiful cars on the road with the addition of the Lamborghini Urus.

Lamborghini Urus Side View

Lamborghini Urus Side View

Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann unveiled the Urus at the Beijing Motor Show and instantly became a talking point of the event.  The Urus is truly beautiful from every viewpoint from its 24-inch carbon-trimmed wheels to its Aventador inspired nose. However, many in the industry will not be happy with another supercar manufacturer creating their SUV offering.

The Urus will in addition be no slouch on the track with truly staggering statistics. The 450kw off-roader will reach 100kph in four seconds leaving all of its competitors in the industry in its dust. In addition with its sleek, low slung design it may very well be as good in the corners.

What I am most interested to see is how it performs with its off-road duties. Assuming that any owner would be willing to risk the low-slung chassis and impeccable paint work, I am inclined to doubt its off-road prowess. The individuals who purchase the Urus are most likely to be football players and rich stay at home soccer moms, both of whom are unlikely to be going off-road anywhere they go.

This is unfortunately the problem I have with cars like Urus. Although I am truly bowled over by the Urus’ beauty, logically I just cannot see the point of such a super-SUV. However, the production release is still only due for 2016 and with a shaky at best, automotive industry it will be interesting to see if such a luxury will make it into production.