Top 10 worst US winter drivers (VIDEO)


As many of you may have read, Scandinavia gave us so many world rally champions. It’s simple why, because they have to spend a couple of years learning how to drive on ice and snow. By contrast, America has given us no world rally champions and that’s why, Jalopnik, decided to create a top 10 worst US winter drivers caught on action. If you want to see what not to do when driving on winter, here are 10 motivational videos.

10. Everybody who sat in the driver seat knows what understeer is, but can you manage it on ice? Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

09. Parking is a difficult and a challenging activity. But parking on winter can be more fun. By the way, watch out for the undercover pool.

08. If you are an automotive journalist and you don’t know how to test a vehicle, here is your answer. Go between two roads on an area full of snow and push the pedal to the metal. “I just wanna see what happens when he hits the bridge”.

07. You think that a four-wheel drive car can help you on winter. The brain can be more useful. Watch and don’t do this at home. It was done by professional “no brain” drivers. Well, trust me…the brain can be more useful.

06. Drifting on snow can be fun, but what you do when the situation is not under your control? See the video below.

05. At driving-school, they teach you not to press the brake pedal on ice. In seems in Seattle, they didn’t learn that in school.

04. Welcome to Crazytown. As our colleagues from Jalopnik commented, “You spin me right round baby right round”

03. This must be the funky train. But when the carriage can’t be controlled.”ABANDON the vehicle”.

02. Microsoft didn’t invent the pinball. You can play this game in different locations, on computer, on your smarphone, and even on streets. Watch and learn how to do a new high score.

01. If you don’t know how to descend an icy hill, watch and learn. You can do this by going round and round, by pressing the brake to the metal, or by letting the car do what it wants to do.

Via | Jalopnik