True Or False? 10 Car Brands And Their Owner Stereotypes


Sad though it may seem, many areas of your life will have some sort of stereotyping attached to them. The street or area you live in, the type of job that you do, the clothes that you wear, and the places you shop – these are just a few of the areas in life that end up being stereotyped.

Another area of your life that is firmly stereotyped is the brand of car that you drive. Over the years, certain cars and brands have become associated with certain types of people – and while the type of people buying those particular brands may havechanged over the years, these stereotypes continue to stick. So, if you decide to go out and buy a car, or if you simply want a laugh, you might want to bear these stereotypes in mind!

Common stereotypes associated with car brands

Due to stereotyping over the years, certain car brands have become tightly associated with certain demographics or types of people. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Saab: These cars have become associated with older people (for the newer models) and nerdy people (for the older models).
  • Renault: Over the years, the Renault has become associated with confident, single women.
  • BMW: Perhaps one of the most stereotyped cars ever, BMW drivers are stereotyped as being generally rude and obnoxious (to put it politely). These days, newer BMWs are linked to well educated, well off drivers – typical yuppie types who believe that they are great drivers. The older models are associated with gangster types, those conducting dodgy dealings, and white men who try to act as though they are black.
  • Mercedes-Benz: The typical driver of this type of car is thought to be upper class or the pretentious type that tries to act upper class. There is also a general feeling that Merc drivers are really frustrated BMW drivers who don’t have the balls to drive a BMW and take on all of the associations that come with it.
  • Citröen: Drivers of Citroen cars are thought to be well-educated although not necessarily well-off people. Keep that in mind when you buy cars in Perth!
  • Volvo: The newer Volvos these days are associated with family-type people, usually middle class. Older Volvos, however, tend to be linked to hillbilly types and pensioners.
  • Lexus: The Lexus is a car that is associated with fat cats who have plenty of money and are now enjoying the luxuries in life. However, the drivers of these cars do have a reputation for being quite boring as well as rich and comfortable.
  • Subaru: The Subaru has a strong association with those who like the outdoors, enjoying going on regular camping trips, but is a tad on the boring side.
  • Škoda: The Skoda used to have a reputation as a poor person’s vehicle of choice. Over recent years, Skoda’s have been brought more into the 21st century but it has been difficult for this brand to shake its reputation as the type of car you would never admit to owning.
  • Audi: Although it can depend on the model, the typical Audi driver is stereotypes as a male who wants to try and feel or come across as more manly than he actually is.

Of course, it is worth noting that all of these stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. There are many people who have more than one car, but this doesn’t mean that they have a split personality!

Michael Darby is a mechanic who lives in the Perth area. He likes to buy cars in Perth and renovate them before selling them on.

photo credit: quapan via photopin cc