Shelby SuperCars

The American automobile maker SSC North America, established in 1998, is owned by Jerod Shelby.  Based in Washington at West Richland, the firm specializes in manufacture of supercars. It serves worldwide and produces SSC Tuatara, SSC Ultimate Aero and SSC Aero, equipped with the pushrod V8 engines that are twin turbocharged. This specific feature makes it one of the highly powerful cars across the globe.

Jerod Shelby, fuelled by the real passion for the automotive culture and racing, founded SSC; and this passion is the true illustration of American Dream. The firm was founded with the goal of creating world class, superior car maker. It took seven years to develop in the year 2007 with the manufacture of Ultimate Aero. Their greatest accomplishment was in the same year when Ultimate Aero was selected as the fastest production car of the world as authenticated by Guinness World Record.  In order to enjoy its run, a special and final edition named Ultimate Aero XT was launched by SSC to the enthusiasts. The extreme and limited edition utilizes few key assemblies, featuring revolutionary Tuatara. The collectable and unique Ultimate Aeros are classified as 2013 Aero XT. It has a paint scheme that is aggressive and customized by clients. It will not be used on these models, again making it stand apart from all Ultimate Aeros existing in the market today.

The opening of SSC Dubai showroom was announced in 2008. Their plan to unveil the electric vehicle got cancelled. But, later they decided to roll it out as the first prototype, advertising the car to be rechargeable in ten minutes from the 240 Volts outlet. This release was again changed by SSC.

The former name Shelby Supercars Inc. was changed to SSC North America in 2012 because of the settlement with Carroll Shelby International and the Carroll Shelby Licensing. SSC continues to accelerate exponentially in the production and development of supercars, competing with the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg and Bugatti, etc. Next generation supercars will soon be released by SSC and will up the ante at all levels.

Industry:Automotive industry
Headquarters: West Richland, USA
Founded: 1999
Area served: Worldwide
Key people: Jerod Shelby (founder)
Employees: N/A