Yamaha X-City 250

The Yamaha X-City 125/250 was introduced in 2007. It is available as a 125 cc or 250 cc model. Yamaha’s internal code for this Maxi-Scooter is VP125 or VP250.

The X-City 250 achieves 65-70 miles per U.S. gallon (4-4.3 L/100 km). It is manufactured and assembled by Yamaha in Italy. The engine (Minarelli) and various other parts are shared with scooter models by Peugeot, MBK (Yamaha subsidiary) and other scooter manufacturers. It has the largest wheels available, 16 inches in the front and 15 inches in the rear, which gives it a very safe and comfortable ride, especially on bad roads.

Both engines, the 125 cc and the 250 cc, are equipped with the latest generation of catalytic converters, rated Euro 3. This is the cleanest level that a motorcycle can achieve.

The X-City’s predecessor was the Yamaha Versity 300. The Versity 300 did not reach the sales goal that Yamaha had wished for due to its high price, even though it did sell well in Italy. The direct successor was the Yamaha X-MAX introduced in 2006 with 125 cc and 250 cc engines. The X-City shares many components with the X-MAX, like engine and suspension parts, but the wheels of the X-MAX are 1 inch smaller than the X-City’s and the brake discs on the X-MAX are also a little smaller. The smaller wheels of the X-MAX allow for a larger luggage compartment under the seat to accommodate two helmets; the X-City can only accommodate one helmet.

Yamaha X-City 250 specification

Bike ClassMaxi Scooter
ProductionSince 2007
Power21 hp/15.6 kW
TransmissionV-Belt Automatic (CVT)
Frame typeNA
Wheelbase1,470 mm
Seat height790 mm
Weight160 kg
Fuel capacity10.5 L (2.3 imp gal; 2.8 US gal

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