3 Must Haves for Music Lovers


There is a wide range of gadgets and software which music lovers can find useful. But the following are 3 must haves for music lovers which every music fanatic must definitely acquire.

Jawbone Jambox

A stylish and handy piece of hardware, Jawbone Jambox is a portable Bluetooth speaker. With this device, music lovers can get rid of the hassle of wires by simply pairing up their Jawbone Jambox to their computers, tablets or smartphones through Bluetooth. These powerful speakers can liven up your party with up to 85 decibels of sound level.

There are easy to handle volume control buttons as well as a multifunction button that lets you pair up your speaker as well as check battery levels. Jawbone Jambox houses a rechargeable battery which lets the party go on for 10 whole hours.

3 Must Haves for Music Lovers

The speaker comes in four exciting colors. Funky music lovers would love Jawbone Jambox not just for its function, but also for its stylish design. All these reasons have put Jamboz in the list of 3 must haves for music lovers.

Mp3 Music Search and Download

Mp3 Music Search and Download is an app for Android gadgets which is among the top 3 must haves for music lovers. It is a free app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once you have it, you can search for and download songs from any artist, any album and any era; you would hardly ever be disappointed with the search results.

An option is given to preview the music before you download it in order to save you time and trouble. Moreover, yet another option lets you convert your favorite music into a phone ringtone before you download it.

Search results appear within seconds and the download is also desirably fast, depending on the speed of your own internet connection. The downloaded tracks are automatically added to your music library.

Mp3 Music Search and Download, therefore, makes the life of music lovers wonderful as they can easily find their favorite music and download it for free.

Beats Studio by Dre

The third product in the list of 3 must haves for music lovers is Beats Studio headphones by Dre. These are the best headset option for music lovers with comfort, style and a delightful sound experience. The headphones provide noise cancellation and create a well-balanced sound level. Two triple A batteries power the headphones.

3 Must Haves for Music Lovers

The design of Beats Studio headphones makes them fit perfectly; they neither feel loose nor too tight.

Included with the headphones is a cable compatible with all phones to let you enjoy music on whichever phone you possess. All these features make the headphones by Beats Studio justified as one of the top 3 must haves for music lovers.