Apple has Harbored the Market with its New 128GB iPad


The new Apple 128GB iPad has taken over the market and posed serious challenges to its rivals from the sales perspective. The all new capacious Apple 128GB iPad has thrilled the users with its new stunning shape, graphics and friendly user interface. As compared to its younger sibling, equipped with 9.9 inches of screen; it has got a 9.7 inches touch screen, providing a larger interacting surface area for operations. Its Retina Display sporting design has pulled everyone to itself. Media and business starving people are the target customers, who always in demand of a heavy storage capacity gadget.

Has Apple has Harbored the Market with its New 128GB iPad First

Other than having a jail breaking storage capacity, the internal features are not much changed as compared to its previous models. It has same Apple’s iOS 6.1 mobile operating system installed in it to run the device. But there is one thing worth mentioning. Many users compare Apple’s 128GB iPad with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, however, there is no comparison between these two. Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a true form of a PC computer with an Intel Core i5 processor, having many input and output ports, which is of course not true when talking of Apple’s iPad.

Has Apple has Harbored the Market with its New 128GB iPad

There is a slight price variation among the prices of 128GB iPad with respect to the features of each variant. According to officially announced price, the one with Wi-Fi costs £799 and the one with Wi-Fi and cellular option is around £929, depending on the contract and service provider. These prices are somewhat high, when compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro. However one thing is clear, with millions of Apple fans out there, it has no fear by the launch of Surface Pro by Microsoft. With the iPad out with a beefy 128GB space, Apple fans are optimistic that they will be getting the similar storage space in their future iPhones as well.