The Latest iPhone 5S Hype – Rumors and Expectations


Just a few months after the release of Apple iPhone 5, its successor – iPhone 5S – is on its way amid numerous rumors as well as high expectations.

The latest rumor related to this much hyped about gadget comes from a credible source: the Wall Street Journal. Picking up hints from Apple Inc. and observing its past trends, Wall Street analysts have predicted the release of iPhone 5S to be in June 2013. However, no release date has been officially announced by the company itself.

The Latest iPhone 5S Hype – Rumors and Expectations

Users all over the world have built up high expectations, anticipating a smartphone without the shortcomings of its previous generations. For instance, battery life has been an issue with the previous models of iPhone. Therefore, many expect the new phone to have a stronger and more long lasting battery.

Similarly, users are also expecting, rather wishing, that iPhone 5S would be released at an affordable cost. The earlier variants of iPhone have been limited to the most affluent class. If the new phone comes at a lower cost, this would benefit the company as well when a broader range of customers would be able to purchase it.

Among many of the rumors about what new features iPhone 5S would be loaded with, an exciting one is about 5S being the first iPhone with NFC chip. If the rumor is true, sharing files and participating in multiplayer games with buddies would, therefore, be easier with the new Apple iPhone.

The Latest iPhone 5S Hype – Rumors and Expectations

A more fascinating rumor points to the release of not just one, but two new smartphones by Apple the same year. Apple iPhone 5S is rumored to be followed by the release of Apple iPhone 6. Analysts believe that if 5S is released lacking any of the features it is being expected to possess, they are likely to be found in its immediate successor. To add to the thrill, Katy Huberty, who is a Wall Street Analyst, has predicted the release of both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 at the same time in June 2013.