Kraft enters the sports nutrition market with the launch of MiO Fit


MiO Fit is the latest addition to Kraft’s fast-growing line of MiO liquid water enhancers. MiO liquid water enhancers are innovative products which get mixed with water in order to add flavour, such as Berry Pomegranate and Peach Tea.

The current range also includes an Orange Tangerine water enhancer with added B vitamins, as well as MiO Energy, which is fortified with caffeine.

The newly launched concept, MiO Fit, has been created with a sports focus in mind and contains electrolytes and B vitamins. As with the rest of the MiO range, the formulation is also calorie-free. This new product is currently available in two flavors; Berry Blast and Arctic Grape and will be sold in two different sizes; 12 or 18 servings per bottle.

Krafts launch of a sports-focused variant is incredibly timely given the upcoming Super Bowl in the US. In fact, MiO Fit will debut in a 30-second advertisement during the game, which will mark the start of a huge marketing campaign featuring sampling, PR and social media, among other activities.

This line extension is likely to appeal to athletes and individuals looking for convenient, on-the-go beverage solutions whilst training or exercising. The main advantage here is the multiple servings one MiO Fit product can offer. In contrast, the majority of sports beverages on the market are packaged into single serve formats. With MiO Fit, the consumer only needs to purchase plain water and can prepare up to 18 servings.

Furthermore, MiO Fit contains the important functional attributes needed to appeal to active individuals, such as electrolytes and B vitamins.