Can Google-Mozilla Team Make a Skype Killer App?


A recent study shows that Skype calls amount to almost one-third of global phone calls. However, a recent breakthrough in internet to phone calls, called WebRTC might make things a little complicated for Skype’s ratio to grow. Two of the previous leading web browser rivals and current partners, Google and Mozilla have teamed up to make a new browser based application that allows smooth video and audio streaming between anyone using either of these two browsers. The best part is that the user does not have to switch between windows while browsing, which is not possible with Skype.

So, is this Google-Mozilla Team Up Against Skype really going to be a Skype killer, this is yet to be known. However, WebRTC has received commendable appreciation from tech gurus who appraise the way it works. Instead of requiring any special application to be installed, WebRTC runs on simple Javascript APIs and HTML5, which is already installed in the browsers. With both of the teaming browsers count to almost 60% of the browsers used globally, prospects look very healthy for its rapid growth.

Can Google and Mozilla Team Make a Skype Killer App?

The core purpose of Google-Mozilla Team Up Against Skype and development of WebRTC is to come up with web-based application that can give better video and audio calling services without requiring additional applications. Although the development of WebRTC is still in process under the supervision of W3C, Microsoft is also planning to come up with a similar solution to ensure Skype’s domination in global phone calling.

Can Google and Mozilla Team Make a Skype Killer App?

So, how far are we seeing a major Skype killer? With all the popularity that Skype has amassed over the years, it might not be that easy to overtake it at once. However, seeing the way android systems are growing, having Google’s apps by default, the possibilities for WebRTC to grow in a short time seem very probable.