Get rid of the those social sharing buttons right now!


As you probably already know, I am very focused on website loading speed. I am testing this aspect almost every week and trying to find out how to improve it. There were two java scripts that make me cry: one is the Disqus comment system and the second was made by those “fancy” social sharing buttons.

Let’s skip the Disqus one, because the benefit it brings is significant. I will now focus on my decision, why every webmaster shall immediately get rid of the social sharing buttons (if not too late already).


Mark Zuckerberg laughing – every confused webmaster placed his social share buttons on his website – with no particular value added.

  1. Remove them because it will make your website faster. Every additional java script will increase website loading time and as a result also decrease your Google page rank.
  2. Get rid of them to save space and serve what is really important: the content!
  3. Do you really think people are clicking on the ugly buttons? I always copy the whole page link and paste it on Facebook, which gives me the possibility to add a comment, edit the description and choose the image. Why would I blindly click on a button with unknown results? Nobody does it!
  4. And the very last reason is that I personally have the opinion that we do not need Facebook in order to crate a top quality website. We don’t need their buttons, java scripts, comments, etc. THEY NEED US and our content!

Unless you see some other significant benefit, please ignore Mark Zuckerberg’s java scripts and remove the “fancy” social share buttons. If you still think they can somehow help your visitors, let me know in comments. Of course this article is also about LinkedIn  Google+ and other less famous (and more useless) social websites (empires?) .