How to store and edit your documents in the Cloud with Microsoft SkyDrive


Do you operate from multiple locations? The traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) might not be able to help you integrate multiple offices. You will require better solutions for flexibility and responsiveness. What do you think about cloud services? These services are available for several years now and are used by the majority of internet users. It is much more comfortable to save your files on cloud and use them according to your wish. Cloud storage is an excellent option for off-site backup of critical files. It will ensure the security of your files in case of theft or any natural disaster.

Microsoft SkyDrive has gained popularity for its flexibility and budget cloud services. It allows users to store up to 7 GB of data for free. It is possible to save your files directly to SkyDrive through file browser and Microsoft office application. You can sign up with SkyDrive and integrate your systems with SkyDrive. It will allow you to store and use your online storage at will. Your system will work in exactly the same way, and you can move folders/files with ease.

SkyDrive and Office Integration: Edit and store your documents in the cloud

SkyDrive makes a smart office and one can get automatic access to the documents from phone, Mac, PC, and iPad. SkyDrive allows you to share files and work on them from any location. The recipients of your documents can edit and save the documents on their web browser itself.

SkyDrive Pro is the right service for sharing your documents, and it is considered as a replacement for the SharePoint service offered by Microsoft. It is a smart service offering offline document synchronize feature, and the Pro version of SkyDrive is only meant for professional work. It allows users to access their files through multiple devices and even a phone.

Adding Documents to SkyDrive

  1. Log in to your SkyDrive account.
  2. Go to Create Tab, and create a word document, PowerPoint presentation, excel workbook, excel survey, and even OneNote Notebook.


3. Choose Word Document and you will be redirected to the Microsoft Word Web App. You can use the interface just like word and save it as per your requirements. You can edit the document with the Word Web App as per your requirement.


4. You can share this document via email, get a share link, post it to social network including Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.


Edit SkyDrive Document without an account


With the recent developments in SkyDrive project, users can edit documents without a Microsoft account as announced by Microsoft. Earlier, a user was required to have a Microsoft account in order to edit a document. According to Microsoft, it is one of the most highly requested features which will allow its users to enjoy a seamless experience of sharing and managing documents. The users can generate an edit link for a document which will allow the recipients to edit the document with an online Word based app. However, it is advised to share the link through email to avoid unauthorized access to the document.

The popularity of SkyDrive can be estimated by the fact that users have stored more than 1 Billion Docs on this platform as reported by the company. This announcement was made during the launch of Office 365 Home Premium, and it is a significant milestone for the SkyDrive project. This release of Office 365 has an inbuilt integration with SkyDrive and allows users to store their documents directly on SkyDrive. The subscribers will receive an additional 20GB storage space along with their subscription.

Microsoft is making changes to stay competent in the cloud-based services segment. They have recently launched SkyDrive app for Android allowing their users to manage SkyDrive with Android phones. According to the records, Microsoft SkyDrive has already reached the 250 million user accounts indicating the immense popularity of their cloud platform. With a 7GB storage space provided free of cost, we can expect a better user turn up in the coming months. The 7GB storage is fairly higher than Google Drive 5 GB and 1GB offer by the DropBox accounts. There is a possibility that SkyDrive will outperform any other competitors with its features and services.

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