Introducing New Gmail Spam Blocking Feature


Google recently introduced its new compose mail mechanism, which allows the user to type and send email from the same interface without changing the screens. This move was largely applauded by Gmail users around the world. However, this is not where Gmail is going to stop from revamping its interface because it is all set to launch a new spam blocking mechanism tagged Spam Blocker 2.0. This new Gmail spam blocking feature will be added to the interface in a few coming weeks, with the expectation of gaining control over spam mails coming in large numbers.

The new Google’s Gmail spam blocking feature is said to be working like tabs in a browser window. The user can switch between different windows within a single window. The same feature will be added into Gmail to automatically identify and sort mail in their respective folders.

Introducing New Gmail Spam Blocking Feature

The new Gmail spam blocking feature will be able to sort email according to senders and the content each email has. This will allow emails from user’s personal contacts, social media platforms, allowed mail groups and unknown senders to be sorted in their respective tabs. The user will not be moving between interfaces but tabs to read the email in each category.

Gmail is expecting to gain a wide control over spam emails through this move. Gmail spam blocking will not only improve the overall user experience but will also facilitate the user in sifting through his emails.

The new Gmail spam blocking feature will also allow its users to customize their own folders, letting them have a better control over how their emails are sorted. Apart from this major development, there is no such news about the redesigning the rest of the user interface. Google’s Gmail has been striving since long to make their web email experience simpler and efficient as possible and this move of Gmail spam blocking is definitely commendable in its direction.