Q1 2013 website report


As I have informed you at the beginning of this year, Google algorithm has impacted Firm-Guide in a negative way and we lost about 2/3 of your daily visitors. As a result of this, we are in process of creating original content.

Almost all automotive companies have re-written history page and the single car layout has been also dramatically improved (but not applied to all models yet).

It takes a lot of effort to create a really comprehensive database of cars (and also current market prices, fuel consumption etc.) and I believe it will take a lot of time to update the database in future as well.

The number one priority is now to complete the car section, update all companies, later on car models (until Q3 2013) and only after that to focus on other categories (electronics, military and video games).

It seems that “Food and beverages” section was a step aside and does not contribute to the general strategy and content of the rest of the website. So currently, this section will be discontinued, allowing stronger focus on the other categories and details.

As I said, out intention is to create content for people, not for search engine crawlers. How do I know that the website is interesting? That I am enjoying browsing the website, comparing products and reading some really fresh and quality news. In the beginning the content of the website was a big joke, but we want to reach larger audience. It will take years, but we will make it, of what I am sure.

What was so easy one year ago (getting basic product data from internet and copying texts from Wikipedia) is from present perspective considered as a wrong decision. We need to re-build every single page, write original texts, improve design and do our own research.

It’s important to say that I am still positive about the future of this website and I know that many authors and editors really enjoy working for Firm-Guide. We will continue serving good content and if regular readers have some improvements ideas, we are also ready to hear them and possible implement them.