Site performance issues and renewed goals


Regular visitors may have seen instability in server performance in recent days. First of all, the servers are located in Czech Republic and it was sometimes tough to reach the content from California, for example. We have set up a CDN (large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers in the Internet) by Cloudflare and expect better results. Also other enhancement have been implemented as requested earlier this year.

This is the first step in providing better quality in 2013 going forward. I was really naïve with my estimation to grow the visitors by 200 % this year. In the end, I have come up with a decision that we need to make a quality content and build really user friendly environment, rather than extend the quantity of our database with shitty pages.

My point is that it is better to have one great article rather than 50 copies from Wikipedia. This site started with a lot of content copied from Wikipedia under the free license; however Google KNOWS that this content is not unique and will not register it.

The recent PANDA Google update resulted in 70 % decrease of daily visitors and the next update will happen in June/July. Until that time we have a lot of work to be done in order to increase the quality (especially of company description and product details).

The result is that we will only keep the current categories (Cars, Electronics, Games, Military and Drinks) and focus 100 % on our current pages in the database. We will re-write all the texts that were copied, bring some value and work further on the templates. The goal is to provide a really great environment, not only high quality news, but also a perfect overview of companies with possibility to compare and rate them.

The site growth will not be that fast as I thought, on the other hand we are building a strong content that will not expire and could be served over the next decades.

In the end, the renewed goal is not to increase unique visitors per day, but RETURNING visitors and INCREASE the quality of content in order to be successful on world-wide level and ultimately beat Pete Cashmore’s Mashable.

The last news I want to share with you is implementation of new comment system called Disqus Comment System. It combines Facebook, Twitter and WordPress comments and brings some new features, like for example email notifications or life refresh in case of new comments. Hopefully it will show up to be a good decision to change the original “Facebook only” comments.