The Evolution of Windows 8


Months after the release of the Windows 8, Microsoft reporteda total of 4 million upgrades from its customers on the third day alone.  Set aside all anxiety and uncertainties because Microsoft has once again paved another milestone in the history of digital technology.  Designed to be part of the ecosystem, the all new Windows 8 operates alongside Windows Phone and Windows RT.  Because Microsoft firmly believes in this idea, they created the Windows 8 user interface that lets Windows user see the programs on their screens as tiles.  Now, icons are no longer lined up in columns but can be readily accessed on their window screen.

The evolution of Windows 8

Using the start menu bar gives you a bird’s eye-view about people, apps, folders, photos, or websites vividly packed with the latest information.  Not to mention the live tiles which include the People Tiles that shows you feeds from your friends’ tweets and Facebook updates.

Some programs such as the Paint application is not readily seen on your screen. But forcing this program to appear on your screen by doing a right click, select and Pin to Start will automatically shift the icon to your Windows screen thereby making your navigation easy.

But what more can you expect from this savvy and most talked about operating system to date?

For current Windows 8 users, a fundamental change is foreseen and may confuse new users.  However, according to the makers of Microsoft, Windows 8 OS runs perfectly on PC’s with mouse and keyboard including touchscreens.  Any PC is compatible with the new Windows 8 with better commands, fluid switching of apps from one place to another.

The evolution of Windows 8

Another feature to look out for is that Windows 8 gives you the option to tie your Windows login with your Microsoft account login and password – a safety feature that enables tighter integration with the remote and cloud based features using your new Windows 8.

Reinventing Windows 7 with the new Windows 8 OS has all the best features enabling PC, laptop or desktop users do more with the all new Windows 8.