Dungeon Siege III Review


Most of the older players should recognize the name “Dungeon Siege” with ease. First game starting the franchise (Dungeon Siege I) was one of the most serious Diablo 2 competitors at the time… The following sequel came with tons of improvements over the original, setting a high quality bar for the franchise.

Getting through some later levels...

Getting through some later levels…

Developers of the new Dungeon Siege chose a different approach than the two previous titles. The latest installment in the franchise could be at ease called “a completely new game”…

Developers achieved in creating a very exciting story that is close to epic-proportions. In general Dungeon Siege III is more oriented on the story and making quests that fighting monsters. The plot included in the game involves many twists and sudden changes in the course of action. It will keep you excited right from the start to the game ending.

The main component of the game is single mode, which will get you through the whole story alone. Then there is online mode that allows up to 3 people to join during the ongoing game. This sounds, perhaps in theory like a better experience because of   possible interactions between players. But in practice this idea got “killed” by an inability for the joining players to menage and save their weapons and equipment. Also the game has problems with finding online players, so you should prepare yourself for soloing.

Dungeon Siege III has a very nice fighting system that never gets tired and boring. It involves two stances that characters can freely change. Upon change, your character has a set of available actions and skills it can perform.

Speaking of fighting it’s worth mentioning that the game has rifles and other shooting weapons in it! They were really nicely implemented in the Dungeon Siege universe and are a very fine addition to the game. The picture below shows us Katarina, one of the game heroes that posses the greatest mastery in shooting.


Katarina with a rifle

World of Dungeon Siege III is gigantic, with many differently looking locations and characters. Every single part of it is detailed and filled with monsters and people asking for your help.
Unfortunately there are only 4 playable characters in the game. Those were pre-made and we cannot customize or change them in any way. This may seem at first not a stellar number, but in practice playing with each class is so different, that the list of available options is really massive.

One of the first locations available in the game...

One of the first locations available in the game…

Graphics in the latest installment are beautiful and bring the locations and characters to life. Music, included in Dungeon Siege III makes additional contribution to building unique climate of the game.

Characters that we will interact with during journey are ones of the most memorable and interesting. I especially fell in love with intelligent dialogue lines.

Dungeon Siege III is a very polished and detailed game. It has an engaging story-line and memorable locations and characters. If you already like (and even if you don’t) action-rpg games, this title can make a very good addition to your collection.