EA Games Designed Just for Your iPad


An iPad is nearly the perfect electronic device. It has all the mobility of handheld devices, but offers the large screen of a laptop. Gaming can be a lot of fun from the iPad. The images are crisp, easy to see and the interactive capabilities of the device make it an experience that can’t be beat. EA has been making interactive games for a long time that are both addictive and interesting. Although some titles are familiar from television shows and board games, many are one of a kind in design and operation. We’ve picked the ones that seem to maximize the benefits of being able to game on your iPad. Here are the latest EA games to keep you entertained.

Sims 3 Seasons


Creating your own world has never been more entertaining than now. Your characters can enjoy spring rains, summer boating or winter snowboarding with a few clicks. You can change wardrobes and activities to match the season. Weather changes bring new seasonal activities that keep this favorite game interesting.

Sims 3 Supernatural


Take Sims 3 play to a whole new level with Supernatural. The limited addition even offers Plants vs. Zombies and you won’t want to miss that. Set in the town of “Moonlight Falls,” you can get lost in the world of creating werewolves, witches, fairies and vampires. Try your hand at casting spells, mixing magical elixirs and brewing up all forms of supernatural fun.


This is a whole new take on the beloved game. It offers a One Touch Marathon Mode that allows for much more control for strategic purposes. It’s a breakthrough in responsive technology that your iPad was MADE to perform. Tetris Galaxy takes you to new skill level modes than ever before. Share and compete with friends to add challenge.

The Simpson’s: Tapped Out


Rebuild Springfield after a nuclear meltdown caused by Homer Simpson himself. This game is fun because you can have various characters from the show do random things to make money, such as sending Apu to the Kwiki Mart to work extra hours or make Lisa do extra homework for money. There are a ton of chores and tasks that they can do to earn the money to build the town. Don’t forget to eat the donuts

Need for Speed


This game offers tilt and touch steering, making it possible to feel like you are right in the middle of the action. You can outrun the police, deal with rival drivers and challenge your friends. You’ll love the options to customize a car for racing, such as a Porsche 911 or a Hummer H1 Alpha. This is the only mobile game that offers full view of crash scenes. Although crashing really isn’t the objective, it’s kind of cool to see the aftermath when you do. Keep checking the “Most Wanted” list and challenge everyone for the title.

Madden 13 Social                                             


This is the ultimate in playing football via social networking. Use Facebook contacts to make teams to play on or against. There can be multiple games going at one time. Purchase team players using the Auction House. Power through their defense, using plays you can pick or design.

Monopoly Millionaire


Who doesn’t love the classic board game of the same name? Playing Monopoly Millionaire on your iPad brings the game to life by allowing secret trades for deeds and the ability to build enormous, expensive properties. The whole goal of the game is to become a millionaire Play the game with friends using the pass n’ play option or Wi-Fi connection.

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