Gaming Version of Wreck It Ralph – Does it Come up to the Expectations?


With the game version of Wreck it Ralph out, cinematic characters are now in the control of viewers who enjoyed watching the movie when it was released back in 2012. Even before becoming the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature wining movie, it had amused its viewers last year with action and fun making, is a must watch family movie. Applauded by the critics, Disney decided to launch a game for this movie. However, the game has not come up to the expectations and did not deliver what the movie was capable of doing.

It seems to be the extension in the story, which according to some sources would be the basis for the upcoming part of the movie. It is an arcade style side scrolling game with the main character being of course the central character of the movie as well, Ralph. The players however can choose between Wreck It Ralph and Fix it Felix. The game also uses some locations from the original movie as different levels as the player plays through.

Gaming Version of ‘Wreck It Ralph’; Does it Come up to the Expectations?

There are a lot of places where the game fail to impress, starting with the graphics, which do not fit the overall image of the game that one has in his mind after watching the movie. A blurry sort of look in the background and hazy appearance of characters put bold question marks on the quality gaming experience, something that the developers certainly should not have over looked.

Gaming Version of ‘Wreck It Ralph’; Does it Come up to the Expectations?

So, is this game going to do some good business and pull the game freaks to buy it? It is a million dollar question. The game seems boring, but as it is targeted for the kids, there is fair a chance of its moderate acceptance. However, for developing a lousy game, this seems to be an excuse not that easy to digest.