Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Details Surface


With all the news this month focusing on the PlayStation 4, it’s easy to forget that Microsoft has plenty of tricks up its sleeve that the gaming world has yet to see. It looks like Microsoft may have leaked some details on the next iteration of their Kinect technology used for motion sensing and other features in gameplay.

In the below image you can see the assumed specifications of the new Kinect for the codenamed “Durango” platform taken from GamesIndustry International:

kinect 2.0

The information on GamesIndustry also details some of the main changes:

“The headline improvements suggested by the leak see an improvement in resolution from both the colour and depth cameras with the introduction of a third sensor allowing Kinect to access the infra-red spectrum, effectively allowing Durango to offer much-improved performance in low-light scenarios. The Kinect interface moves from the USB 2.0 interface to USB 3.0, with end-to-end latency measurements dropping from the older sensor’s 90ms down to 60ms.

Boosts elsewhere show clear improvements over the current sensor. The 640×480 RGB camera is upgraded to a more impressive 1080p (with a move from 24-bit RGB colour to a more manageable 16-bit YUV set-up), while depth resolution improves from 320×240 to 512×424. The actual amount of depth being measured (from 40cm away from the camera to a maximum of four metres) remains the same, but field of view is opened up significantly to the point where the tilt sensor on the older Kinect is no longer required on its mooted successor. The leak’s author reckons that there’ll be less calibration required, and that the system can work around furniture – gamers won’t need to re-arrange their living rooms for a quick bout of Kinect gaming.”

While it’s exciting to see that there will be some nice advancements moving forward, if this is accurate, there aren’t really any extremely surprising pieces of information. Which also makes this information even more likely to be accurate.

Hopefully Microsfot isn’t planning on touting the Kinect as the key feature of the “Durango” and instead will focus on the games. A lot of gamers were disappointed in the final years of this generation with their focus on shoving the Kinect down their throats.

What do you think about this information? Does it seem real? Let us know in the comments below!