Team Fortress 2 Review


This is one of those games that everyone should try, just to see how an outstanding title should look like! When speaking of online, there aren’t many games that can outdo THIS!


Medic and Heavy in action!

Team Fortress (for those of you who were for the couple of last years residing on Mars) originates from a great Half-Life mod, that became one of the staple  settings for online play. Then followed Team Fortress 2 which came out  as a separate, content-rich product which we will be trying to review now…

Team Fortress 2 is a strictly multi-player game. The main concept of this title bases on fights between two teams, which were symbolically named: Red and Blue. Players on both teams can choose a specific class which has pre-set equipment, skills and weapons. The real deal about it is, that in Team Fortress we have 9 playable classes, each of them being completely unique!

Engineer deploying a Sentry Gun - very deadly!

Engineer deploying a Sentry Gun – very deadly!

To go into more detail, I’ll provide you with an example. Imagine that you chose Medic. Now you can heal everybody with your Medi-gun and defend when needed with Syringe-gun. Every class has its own different style of play that you should figure out as soon as possible if you plan to stay in the game for more than 20 seconds…

If you though that Team Fortress 2 lacks in modes of play department, you were definitely wrong. This game has everything you would want from a multi-player FPS plus everything you wouldn’t even imagine! The most commonly played mode is Payload, which involves  delivering a cart (carrying explosives) to the enemy base. One of teams protects the cart while the other tries to take it back to the starting point.

My favorite mode right now is Mann vs Machine. This mode puts a group of players against oncoming waves of enemies. Players have to defend their base from robots carrying a bomb. If the bomb gets into the vent – player team loses outright. During the  final wave there is a boss – an armored tank carrying the bomb!

Scout running to take enemy flag!

Scout running to take enemy flag!

The number of weapons, modes, and classes is simply tremendous… Just mastering all player classes can give you a serious headache not mentioning getting into some “deeper”  and more advanced stuff. I hope that you can imagine the real scale of the game!

In terms of map design, weapon quality and modes this game is simply outstanding! Team Fortress 2 can be easily called “a classic” that you will come back to very often! Team Fortress 2 is one of these games that will never get old, because of the epic-scale battles and incredible amounts of content.


Engineer with his handy shotgun


This game is simply recommended to everyone. No, you have no excuse not to try it  - actually you may miss one of the best online titles out there.