Stronghold Crusader 2 “The Resurrection Of Fan-forsaken Franchise”


Firefly Studios have finally announced the sequel to the popular real time strategy game “Stronghold: Crusaders”, released way back in 2002. The new game will be the 8th edition in the “Stronghold” series and poses high expectations. The series generally has good reviews, but the last game, “Stronghold 3” faced negative criticism due to various bugs and flaws in the game. This time the developer aims to eliminate those and make the experience flawless. Stronghold Crusaders 2 will also be the first game that Firefly Studios will self-publish, with the help of revenue gathered from previous games and funding through Gambitious. The game is expected to be released in late 2013.


Like the original Stronghold Crusaders, the story takes place in the Middle-East, at the time of the Crusades. It will take a player through different battles with the Caliphs. The player acts as the lord of the kingdom and faces the challenge of creating and culturing an entire community, in both economic and military aspects, in order to protect his own castle, as well as, trying to conquer other settlements.



Stronghold-Crusader-2The 3D engine will handle the visuals which add to the attraction of the game, and real time physics will handle all the technical processing such as destruction and attacking. The base units will be the same as the original game, along with some new units such as Templar Knights and Slave Drivers. The new dynamic-on-map events will be added, such as, Tornados and Locust Swarm, which hopefully will make the game more exciting and replayable. The AI  is expected to show significant improvements. More to look forward to is a new battle interface. The game is based in the Middle-East, so farms will only be able to grow on oasis grass. Farms, iron ore, quarries and marshes are the main resources. The resources are placed in a stockpile and the player can choose to either sell them or use them for defense purposes. The army can be formed either by making weapons and using little gold to turn peasants into soldiers or soldiers can be made instantly by using more gold via mercenary post. Creating a strong army is key to dominating the game and is the ultimate goal, like all RTS games. The game is playable in both single and multiplayer formats, to add to the gaming experience.


Unlike most real-time strategy games, Stronghold Crusaders 2 features a combat system based on strength and hit points, instead of opting for the RPS (rock-paper-scissors) style. More expensive units are stronger and take extra resources to build, although all units have necessary abilities to defend the castle.


Stronghold: Crusaders was very popular amongst gamers all around the world. After 10 years, Firefly Studios have finally announced a sequel to the great game, and it is much awaited. The game shows a lot of promise; with lots of new features and the 3D engine, it is surely going to be exciting. I can’t wait to get my hands on Stronghold Crusaders 2!

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