Twitch TV announces partnership with Activision and Call of Duty: Black Ops II


Twitch TV, a popular service that many use to broadcast professional gaming tournaments, personalized playthroughs known as “Let’s Plays,” and  gaming related talk shows, has scooped up a deal with Activision to let Call of Duty: Black Ops II  players stream their matches  live.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II already allowed players the limited ability to upload footage from their gameplay through the Call of Duty Elite system.  Fully integrated into the game, the service published prerecorded footage from players’ online matches onto their YouTube channel. Many players, however, wanted to stream those matches live, and had been doing so through Twitch TV using extra hardware.

Seizing the opportunity, Twitch TV and Activision reached a deal that not only allows players to stream without the need for that hardware, but can also use Webcam enabled “picture-in-picture” using the Xbox Kinect and share those live feeds to Facebook and Twitter.

Twitch TV has set its sights for becoming the “ESPN of gaming” with more than 23 million visitors a month.  It not only specializes in showcasing gaming related video content, but has also become a powerful entity in the emerging professional gaming scene.  Users who do well enough in their respective games can earn partnership status, and can actually earn money playing through ad revenue and lucrative sponsorships with gaming related companies if they make it big on the pro circuits.   All of the biggest League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients tournaments have been live streamed on the service, as well as the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament and numerous others.

Currently this new service for Call of Duty: Black Ops II has only opened on the Xbox 360, but it will make its way to the Sony PlayStation 3 and to the PC in the near future.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II was already one of the most popular games streamed on the service, and with this development, it will likely reign at the top for some time to come.