US Game Sales Continue to Decline Despite Big Releases


It’s no secret that the gaming industry goes through periods of highs and lows throughout the year in regards to game sales. Usually the summer months are the slowest of all, with most big new game releases schedule for the first quarter of the year or the last quarter of the year. This often leaves a large gaming drought throughout the middle months, and 2012 was no different.

One would think that, given this cyclical pattern, the holiday season for 2012 would lead to an upswing in sales. While this is generally true, the fact of the matter is that compared to recent years sales were still overall lower. This is especially surprising given the recent blcokbuster releases like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed: III and even the new Wii U. While these and big releases are sure to sell exceptionally well, the cold hard truth is that this console cycle really is coming to a close.

NPD analyst Liam Callahan compares this trend to November 2005, the holiday season before the last console generation transition. “It’s important to compare this month’s results to November 2005, which was the last time the industry began to transition between console generations with the launch of a new platform. Comparing this month’s results to November 2005, retail video games sales are nearly twice as big as they were then (+97 percent).”

When you put things into context like that, the game sales numbers really aren’t doing poorly. However, analysts and consumers alike generally expect things to continue to grow on a continuous basis. What do you think of this most recent news? Are you excited for the next generation of consoles and would that spark your interest in gaming again?

Source: GamesIndustry International