Virtual Reality: The Oculus Rift and Titanfall


According to, the developers of the upcoming game Titanfall have received an Oculus Rift development kit. Even though the company has stated that it doesn’t know if they will implement the use of this VR technology into Titanfall, it still serves as an interesting possibility for the gaming world.

Virtual reality technology is nothing new to gamers. Many devices have been developed and implemented to try and take the gamer’s experience to the next level. However, virtual reality as a mainstream device has not latched on. What makes this announcement of Respawn Entertainment’s parlay with virtual reality technology intriguing is that the Rift has the potential to actually work. High praise has been garnered for the new virtual reality headset. Reviews of the device give hope that virtual reality is starting to take off and is within our fingertips.

Could this catapult Titanfall into THE game of the century?

The future of gaming?

The device has been tested at many conferences, including CES 2013. With the advent of this newest development, it got me thinking: how high are the chances of this actually working? More importantly, will this be available to the mainstream audience immediately?

Addressing the first question, positive signs are pointing to the device actually working. By actually working, I mean the virtual reality device will appeal to people and will truly immerse people in the gaming universe. The virtual reality experiences of the 90′s were not even close to what is being offered by the Oculus Rift. The Rift offers immersive experiences that grabs your attention and lets you explore worlds.

The second question is a bit more complicated to answer. New technology is always expensive. Whether it is a new type of HDTV or a new phone, the price tag is always hefty. However, if Respawn Entertainment is playing around with the Rift in the development of Titanfall, that gives me hope that the game might contain some element of the Rift. If this is the case, the Rift should be available for use by the time Titanfall comes out.

Only time will tell, but I am extremely excited for the Rift and Titanfall.