Yoplait Pro-Force Yogurt targets active teens


General Mills in the US has launched a new product under the Yoplait brand, Pro-Force, onto the market. Pro-Force is a Greek yogurt that contains a high level of protein; 9g per 3.5oz serving size. This new product is marketed as containing 2 x more protein than the leading kids yogurt on the market.

Pro-Force is available in both Strawberry Blast and Mixed Berry Burst flavours and is packaged into snack-size tubs. Additionally, the formulation is said to be free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Pro-Force will be available nationally and retail at $2.99 per 4-pack.

Pro-Force is targeted towards teenagers, it’s high protein content offering excellent health benefits during these active years. Greek yogurt has gained in popularity in recent times due to its higher levels of protein and the associated benefits. Yoplait Kids commented that they were inspired by the brand’s adult Greek yogurt product range when developing Pro-Force. Teenagers are not typically attracted to Greek yogurt, its limited range of flavours a major factor here.

As part of the launch, Yoplait Pro-Force will be sponsoring the upcoming X Games Aspen. Yoplait Kids stated that the X Games are ideal fit for the new Pro-Force products due to the popularity of action sports among teenage consumers.

More and more brands are beginning to target teenagers with new food and beverage concepts, recognising them as an entirely different market from children or adults. Pro-Force looks set to captivate the attention of this demographic by using new flavours and an exciting marketing campaign. Likewise, parents are also likely to be attracted to this new product, with its higher protein content being important for their child’s health.